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Marketing is called the backbone of a Business. Personally, I feel, A business future maximum time depends on effective marketing strategies. If you can do the marketing on right way you can increase customer percent and also you can increase the goodwill of your business which can help on long runs.

Suppose, your business if going well, but if you can’t balance your business with the new era like – audience is looking for the mini pack shampoo, but your brand didn’t supply mini packs, then your sale will go down.

Or, Competitor’s product/service entered on the market, but you didn’t take it seriously and you are running your business on the base of your previous strategy but in a short time competitor product/service cover the market. Really, very Sad Part.

I know, those are old examples, but those will help you to understand new examples 🙂

Suppose,  you created an advertisement by spending a good amount of money and you publish the ad on a TV, booked big big billboards and after those steps you are expecting a high response, because you already spent good budget. But I have a few questions for you :

~ Do you know, your target audience watched the advertisement on TV or can you assume that how many targeted audiences reached your ad ?

~ Same question also arise for the billboard marketing purpose.

I know its really tough to say.
Do you know if you run digital marketing strategy, then you can say the number.

You can run your advertisement by targeting City, Gender, Age and also you can target bu user nature (like – iPhone user) . Interesting part is, on the base of the ad reach and responses you can settle your future plans.
And the most important issue, do you know the advertisement costing of digital marketing is lower than the local marketing cost.

You can say that, you are not going to sale Gadget or Clothing or you are not targeting the teenagers. So, you don’t want to waste your time on Digital Marketing.

Do you know how many 45+ ages people internet users are active in Bangladesh ? Who are using the internet daily. I suggest you to research first before taking any decision. I believe you don’t want to loose smart audiences.

Personally, I don’t want to miss my target audience, I don’t think about the number (major or minor), because it’s tough to say who will purchase your product or service. Even you can get good number of customers from the minority group also. You know, Nothing is Impossible.

I hope you already got the point, whatever the business is small or brand digital marketing is very much important. So don’t waste your time, just improve your marketing strategies.

Note – I didn’t say that Traditional Marketing is a flop, I am just saying that you should improve your strategies with the market demand and you also should accept that policy which can increase your sales and decrease your costing.


When we talk about the Digital Marketing for any company we also think about the Digital Marketing team. Someone will lead the team by creating marketing strategies and also monitoring what’s going on and also need team members who can follow instructions. But the number of trained Digital Marketers are not so high in Bangladesh and employers has some planning issues.

~ Maximum Employer thinks that if the employee knows how to use Facebook properly, it means the employee can do Digital Marketing.
~ Many thinks that I am using the Facebook maximum time it means I can do Digital Marketing jobs easily.
~ Many Head of the company think that many Facebook daily posts means Digital Marketing.
~ Many businessman don’t want to spend money on digital marketing section, so that they hire someone by paying low salary but they are spending high on other sections and they don’t feel that their business depends on Digital Marketing strategies.

These type of problems are the main barriers of Digital Marketing success. Both parties (Employer and Employee) should be aware to decrease this type of problems.

~ Digital Marketing job posts are increasing day by day, so Employees should take training to improve their skill and which can help them to get success easily.
~ And also the Employers should take Digital Marketing Training otherwise he can’t judge the employee properly.

Both side awareness can change the market.

If you want to learn Digital Marketing, please check this out – http://bdjobstraining.com/trainer_details.asp?TrainerId=4265